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Date Published: 2022-08-23 11:33:34

Subject: Big Investor Reset Complete - Welcome to Ad Click Xpress!

Big Investor Reset Complete - Welcome to Ad Click Xpress!

Greetings !

That's right, you are one of the LUCKY people
online who wants to make money quickly!

1) A needed Reset of the complete Big Investor
System has been completed - we're truly sorry
for the delay, but it was a BIG project.

2) Your account has been transferred to our
parent company, Ad Click Xpress - with all
pertinent data.

What do you do now?

It's time to log in to Ad Click Xpress and see all
that we have in store for you - actually everything
you experienced in Big Investor and much, much

Here are the steps:

1) If you do NOT have an account in Ad Click Xpress
already, then simply go to the following URL to
activate your password in your NEW Ad Click Xpress


and click on "Forgot Password".

Use the E-mail address you were using in Big Investor,
which is also posted near the bottom of this E-mail.

Your new Member ID in Ad Click Xpress will be e-mailed
to you when you request to reset your password.

2) If you already have an account in Ad Click Xpress,
then it's also quite easy - just click on the link,

"Click Here to Activate Account NOW"

on your Ad Click Xpress Dashboard, near the top of
the page:


Or simply go to the following page directly:


and follow the instructions there.

You'll simply need to choose a NEW E-mail address
first (Each E-mail address in Ad Click Xpress is unique),

and then Reset your password as in Step 1), above.

It's very EASY, so after you've done it yourself,
you can help your referrals, if necessary.

This is going to be FUN, so BE HAPPY!

Yes, you can still log in to Big Investor, to check
to make sure we transferred ALL your data to
Ad Click Xpress:


Advantages of Ad Click Xpress:

1) Bigger Membership Base, so the time between
Resets will normally be MUCH LONGER.

2) Many more features, including

- Advertising your online business for free - simply
buy Earnings Packs and submit your website URL
to receive EXTREMELY good advertising in our
Prime Advertising System.

- Silver and Gold Upgrade Packages

- More Affiliate Websites to choose from

- Ability to say that the system you are promoting
has been operating since 2013

- New Energy Pack System - withdraw up to 20% daily

- Improved Premium Pack System - withdraw 50% Daily

- Improved Member Area - better for mobile phones

- More documentation about how the system works

- Weekly Promotion Contest - earn up to $200 in prizes


To Your Success!

Sales Manager
Big Investor

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